Sunday, 29 January 2012

Decorating Childrens Rooms - The Boys

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Having never had a brother growing up I knew very little about what little boys like in terms of their bedrooms and decorations. What I learnt is that surprisingly (to me anyway) they care about it just as much as girls.

My small boy takes great interest and excitment over what goes in his room.
His room is filled with vintage finds, some handmade bits, some Laura Ashley things, basically a mix of anything and everything. And of course lots of cars and toy soldiers for me to trip over!!
He recently found a bundle of boys fabric I'd received in the post and asked would I make him a Buzz Lightyear and Robot cushion. I tried to explain that the fabric had to be washed first, thinking he might forget out it, but no, he carried it to the washing machine and put the fabric in. So he won! He sleeps on the Buzz Lightyear one every night since.

I love this poem. It was a vintage charity shop find. Makes a difference from "Boys are made from slugs and snails and puppy dogs tails".

Bunting for boys, he actually stood in front of the sewing machine when I was making this, bless. Its a mix of new fabrics and some old. The dinosaur fabric is from a shirt that had been mostly destroyed with paint. So if you were making bunting for your child's room it is an idea to add in some old clothes fabric, makes it all the more special, filled with memories.

This is a chair I changed, please see previous post for a how to do this.
One wall is a blue colour, the rest are white. I loved the blue colour and I also love white on walls so I went for a mix of both.
My tip for boys rooms is mix in anything and everything for a unique look. I spent money on things like a rug from Laura Ashley and another cowboy chair which was balanced out by my charity shop finds and sale items. I also try not to buy too much in any cartoon character either (Bob the Builder, Dora etc.) because children go through phases so quickly and mostly the merchandised stuff is quite expensive for what you get.
Hope you found this interesting and its not raining too heavily wherever you are!
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