Tuesday, 17 January 2012

How to Upgrade an Old Chair & Mini Notebooks

Hello again,

I recently found these tiny little notebooks I used to make as a child.

Tiny notebooks
There are pages sown inside, you can see the thread on the outside. The white decoration on the outside is the leftovers of those little circular white stickers you put on paper inside a folder/binder to prevent it tearing.

I found a couple of chairs in a charity shop (five euro) for two and spray painted them and recovered the seat pads. Pink for a girl and blue for a boy, a little obvious but it was their colour choice!
The distressed look is intentional. While the paint was wet I got some sellotape and popped it on here and there and then pulled it off. I wanted it to look like it was aged.
A handy chair for a childs room for around ten euro.
Also I find the old chairs are very sturdy especially for children who like to climb on everything.

How to update/upgrade an old chair:
1) Find suitable old chair, the seat pad needs to be lifted off for recovering so check that it can be done.
2) Clean chair and remove seat pad. Spray paint in chosen colour.I spray outside because it has very strong fumes. (And once I sprayed some of the kitchen table by mistake-eek!!) Spray paint is about 7euro in the art and hobby store or about 10euro in hardware stores. If you can get it cheaper in Ireland please do tell me where! Aldi and Lidl do them from time to time.
3) Cover seat pad in material, you don't need much fabric for this so it shouldnt be too expensive. I used fabric glue underneath to hold in place but you could staple or use other things to keep in place. I used cotton but oilcloth would be lovely too. This presumes a clean seat pad. If the seat pad is fabric you might have to change this too, depending on where you got it from of course.
4) Once paint is dry, place seat pad back on and there you have a one of a kind chair, that didn't cost the earth!

Take care and bye for now,

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