Sunday, 15 January 2012

The Braclet Entreprise (Age 9)

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Last year I was at the family home in the backgarden  checking out the spring flowers with my two little children (small kids very fond of flowers!) and nestled on top of a daffodil was "treasure".
Closer inspection revealed it to be part of a braclet I had made when I was a little girl. It must have fallen off in the garden, buried for nearly twenty five to finally re-emerge.

The old and the new
I cleaned it up a bit, we must have used my dads fishing wire to thread them. On the right is ones I made recently for my little girl's dolls.
My friend had received a load of beads as part of her birthday present from her granny. We made them into braclets and then took our merchandise to school to sell. I remember the notebook (an early "waiting list", ha ha) where we would write the colours and order details. I think the prices ranged from 10p to 25p.
The braclet became the must have accessory for little girls in our school.
So popular we ran out of beads.
This was the 80s, there was no beads to be found in Ireland so my friend wrote to her granny in Greece to send some more beads urgently. They arrived but the colours were mainly brown. Hence the amount of brown beads in the braclet above!
Soon a new braclet arrived on the scene (electronic wires in different colours, freed from local electronic factory). We blamed A-Ha for this! Remember those black wire/rubber braclets they wore?
Beads were out and wires were in.

My daughter was greatly impressed with the garden treasure so next day I found myself ordering up a lot of beads and threads. Would have done anything for the selection in the 80s!!

More to follow...
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