Saturday, 3 March 2012

Adventures in Clay & Easter Decorations

Hello there,

I've decided its about time I got some Easter decorations made.
I am in the middle of making some really cute bunting, some to list on etsy and some for my own home. Should make a nice upgrade from last years plastic one! So that's all underway, chicken flags cut, backing flags being cut today.
I bought some foam eggs before for decorating for Easter. I plan on filling a vase with lots of tree branches and twigs, covering the twigs in ribbon and then hanging beautifully decorated eggs on the end of the branches. Thats the centre of the table plan.
Then I remembered the oven-baked clay I bought before Christmas, which is a bit neglected. I made a few things before to try it out but its been left in a bag since.

What a learnt from my brief attempt at making with clay is a) its fun! b) spray paint sticks to it very well and c) the coloured packets leave colour on your hands, rolling pin, basically everywhere.
So I thought about what to do for the dolls for Easter and well if its good enough for us its good enough for the dolls, so I am going to attempt to make a minature version of my table centre plan.

Sindy is ready to assist.

Out comes the supplies:
Bear in mind I am a beginner! I have two tiles for rolling on (keeps the back flat and stops it from sticking to table), rolling pin, some coloured clay and some plain clay. The plan is to take some clay and turn it into mini eggs.
When you make anything in minature you have to work out the scale. Anything Sindy/Barbie size is 1:6 normal size. Dollhouse is usually 1:12.
My first step is to measure step then has to be to measure a normal egg and work out the size for Barbie.
Right to work I go with the help of some little children to "help" me.

Have a wonderful weekend,

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