Friday, 16 March 2012

Mini mini cushions and lots of buttons


I have been making a new batch of doll cushions. Sewn and stuffed and needing buttons!
I sold some more doll cushions and buttons last weekend on etsy so I need to start listing some new stock urgently...

I took this photo a few days and have added lots more since. I like to do them in one big batch. First I cut, then sew inside out, turn back around and trim, stuff and then sew buttons or anything else on the outside. It does take awhile as they are so small.

My daughter asked me to make some bedcovers for her tiny The Littles dolls bed (my first doll from the very early 80s!) which started me thinking about making cushions etc. for the smaller sized dolls. Below is size 1:12. Barbie and Sindy are 1:6 so this is half the size again.

The smaller the doll the smaller the prints need to be otherwise it looks out of place.

The Littles are going to be a challenge as they are 1:24. I tried some out below but they are too big still, how small can I sew???
I have the cushions and bedcovers measured and pinned and ready to sew today. I am a little worried about the cushions as they are so small but I'll give it a try.

Have a great St.Patricks Day and Mothers Day and I'll be back in the next couple of days with a guide to rerooting dolls!

Have a great weekend,

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