Tuesday, 20 March 2012

New Doll Items in Etsy & Why Reroot a doll?


Back to reality after the long weekend, St. Patricks Day and Mother's Day. I am slowly listing up some new items on etsy. I was lucky enough to have a few more sales this weekend so I need to restock the shelves!

The dolls are modelling some little belts I put together.

There are many reasons why a doll needs new hair, sometimes the hair has been cut by some budding young hairdresser into a "style" that is not very flattering! Sometimes the hair is just in very bad condition as the doll is a few decades old and has been loved a lot. And other times people do it for artistic reasons and create OOAK (one of a kind) dolls. There is some incredible work out there by some amazing artists. Type OOAK Barbie or Sindy into google and see what shows up!
Also it is quite fun to create a doll with a hair colour that you can't buy in shops.

My reasons for rerooting a doll is normally to fix/restore a doll that needs a little help.
The doll on the left below was victim of a haircut and the doll on the right is missing all the hair on one side of her head for some reason! I need to order some hair for these dolls as I'd like to keep the colour close to the original.

I have three lots of blond hair already so I am going to use that on three different dolls, two Sindy dolls and a Dawn doll.

On the left is a 80s Sindy, then a 70s Sindy and then a 70s Dawn doll (so small in comparison).
Sindy is one of the easiest dolls to do as the head can easily be taken off and put back on with breakage. I'll be back with more rerooting details as soon as possible.

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