Sunday, 11 March 2012

The dolls are clean & Easter bunting


My little charity shop doll finds are finally nice and clean and settled in.
I have to find or make some clothes for the Strawberry Shortcake doll, so she wasn't in the photo.
The girls took the their new life with enthusiasm!!
So with minimal effort the dolls are ready to be played with again.

My next doll project (after I finish those mini eggs today or tomorrow) is to reroot a lovely 1970s Sindy with high colouring and blond hair who received the worst haircut from a previous owner. I've been itching to do a reroot for awhile so I will post a how to reroot as I do it. I am going to keep the colour as close to the original as possible for this doll.

Easter Bunting

Here is a picture of some Easter bunting (for adults, not dolls!!) which I just listed on etsy. I have made three of these, one which is going to be hung up in the kitchen for Easter. Last year I had plastic (shame, shame) bunting all ready for the Easter bunny. Somewhere along the line the kids got the idea that the Easter bunny brings Easter eggs to good boys and girls as Santa brings gifts at Christmas. It sort of spiralled and now the legend in our house is that the amount of things you give up for Lent equates to the number of eggs the Easter bunny will bring to you on Easter Sunday. I think this idea was wishful thinking on small people's part as I am strict on the number of eggs that they are allowed eat. Whatever happened to just one?? Anyway, hopefully the Easter bunny will be pleased with the bunting (he he he) and leave a few more eggs this year.

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