Friday, 20 April 2012

Aprons for Children & Sindy dolls


Finally I have begun to list some aprons on etsy which I am slowly putting up as I am following advice that you should not list everything at once. The apron comes as part of a set, with cookie cutters, a detachable brooch and a laminated recipe for biscuits.
Its my favourite receipe as its easy to do, tastes yummy and it can be adapted in so many ways.
We've have made it into jam biscuits, Christmas biscuits and iced biscuits of all shapes and colours.

I had great help from my daughter who modelled each apron patiently. I have promised her a couple of brooches as a present in return!

She didn't want to stop at the end, suggesting different backgrounds!

I also managed to sort through dolls the last few days, have filled a large box to sell. If I need to raise funds for something I do a purge and out come the least favourite (or most valuable!). If I do this on my own I fly through it but the other day I had my "assistant" (my daughter and her title) so there was a lot of wrestling going on as she created a third pile for herself for me to to give to her as presents in the future. You can't blame a girl for trying!

Don't worry Sindys you're staying put
Have a wonderful weekend,
All the best,

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  1. It seems a fair exchange: modeling for brooches :D

    Lovely works!!!