Monday, 16 April 2012

Holidays Over & Shop Local /Handmade Rant


Easter is well and truly over. Schools are reopened. Its amazing how quickly you get into a routine again. I was enjoying the no pressure mornings though! Getting everyone dressed and out the door on time is a work out in itself.

We had a great visit to the zoo last week. I had my free vouchers with me which was lucky as it seems to go up in price every year. But its a real day out, mind you I think little people were as impressed with the playgrounds as they were with the animals!!

Last week I took part a consumer survey/meeting which was all about grocery shopping in the local area. It was held by a huge mutlinational supermarket to (I am guessing here) as to why they have lost business in the area.
The main reason seemed to be (poor fresh food and meat selection aside) was price. Obviously the dreadful economy and increased taxes and prices have affected all of us and the shopping habits of most Irish people have changed.
But what I found worrying is that no one (except me and one other) gave a thought as to the origin of any of the items they purchase. I have to admit this did surprise me a lot as I would have thought especially in the middle of the countryside that consumers would buy their meat and fresh fruit and vegetables from local sources.
I think the same logic follows through for handmade items. There is an automatic presumption that buying local or buying handmade is going to cost you a lot more. In most cases this is not true.
We really need a pro-active goverment and a lot of media focus on this issue.
I suppose all we can do is spread the word as much as possible!

All the best,
PS. If you are a meat eater, please do try your local butcher, most of the meat is cheaper than the supermarkets!


  1. Local butcher's meat cheaper than supermarkets? Not at our local butcher in Somerset. We asked about oxtail because it is a cheaper cut and great for slow cooked stews in the Aga. After being picked up off the floor on seeing the £9 price tag for a pack (are there no real butchers any more) I was told "offal" is processed separately from meat on the bone and therefore it has gone up in price because of the extra labour. As far as I know oxtail is meat and bone, not internal organs but there you go. I think the real reason it has gone up in price is because the wholesalers are cashing in on the recent fashion for TV chefs suggesting cheaper cuts of meat like belly, etc. because everyone is watching their pennies - such is life. I did find some oxtail, just 3 little chunks, on the reduced shelf at the evil Tesco for about £1.50 so I bought it, added loads of veg and some Lea & Perrins, left it in the stove all day and it fed the five of us with about 3 more helpings leftover for lunches. I am soaking lentils tonight ...

  2. Hi, Most of the butchers here are much cheaper for most meats. Chicken breasts are usually one euro in the butchers but in the supermarkets its usually 3.99euro for 2 (Tesco) or the last time I looked in Aldi it was 6.99 for 3/4. And the butcher ones were a decent size too. Very lucky with our local butcher as the meat is all local. Most butchers around here have these meat deals now for feeding a family for a week for 25euro. Maybe butchers are the one thing that is very competitive in Ireland these days! That dinner you made sounds very tasty! All the best,