Monday, 30 April 2012

The Barbie Cake


Last time I blogged I was about to face the task of actually cooking a cake from scratch and turning into a birthday cake. Not just any cake but a cake birthday girl had spotted in a professional cake shop of a doll within a cake. Not a big deal for some but for me it was very scary.
So I did want any sensible person would do in a "how on earth do I do this?" crisis and went onto youtube.
Sure enough someone had very very kindly put up a how to do so at least I had an idea of where to start.
Nearly there! This was near the end, finishing touches yet to be added.
You had to make three cakes to sit on top of one another to form the "skirt" of the dress. I used a sponge recipe off the bbc website and made the three. Thank God for the mixer! I ran out of eggs mid way through and had to go back to the shops. I now know you need a lot of eggs to make sponges, I used 14 in total. So I let them cool and the next day it was time for the first layer of icing. First you need to make sure all three stack up and trim off any excess sides/tops.
Icing went inbetween each layer to keep it together. And then all around the sides. This went into the freezer for 45 mins to set. Freezer had been cleaned out a few days earlier so it fitted.

After this setting, Barbie was wrapped in clingfilm and placed in the middle. Then icing went all around and the colour was deemed not pink enough so we went darker after the picture below was taken.

A few layers and many packets of icing later it was nearly ready;

Above is the dress part of the cake. The swirly bits are to make it look like a ballgown! A tip they gave on youtube was to put paper underneath so the icing can fall on it and then at the end you can trip neatly and removed paper. I forgot to take photo of this so it looks messy in the photo.
All I can say is I learnt a lot about cake making in a very short time and I wouldnt be afraid to try again. Herself was so pleased it was worth every minute.

And while it did take a few hours to make but it didn't actually cost too much, certainly a lot less than a shop bought cake. Flour, eggs, caster sugar, icing sugar and some little ready made decorations.

Himself wants a combine for his birthday, I'll have to get practising.
All the best,

PS It tasted good!!!


  1. Thank you, it was far from perfect but I got away with it!!

  2. Gosh, your pictures were a bit deja vous. I made the very same cake for my youngest princess about 12 years ago after seeing a photo of one like it. You have done a fab job, even down to the clingfilm undies! The pink theme remains at home, in the guise of a long lasting affection for pigs ... !

  3. I can't escape the pink, I did suggest a lovely lemon but the idea wasn't entertained!