Wednesday, 23 May 2012

All Children love drawing on walls, the blackboard wall


The other evening I came accross a decorating book for children's room that I hadn't read in some time. It featured a great many playrooms that had blackboard walls. By this I mean walls painted with special blackboard paint that could be drawn on with chalk. I had intended to do one of these walls when we moved into our house which is nearly three years ago at this stage! I searched everywhere for the paint and the cheapest I could find was thirty euro for a small tin. Then one day I came across a singular spray paint (and boy do I love spray paint) tin for blackboards on sale for euro2.99. Of course I snapped it up and its been waiting patiently ever since.

We have been clearing out the playroom yet again. Or should I say "purging". I've been watching the "Amandas" on tv where these very glamours ladies sort out peoples clutter and mess and redesign their rooms. This inspired me to "purge" the playroom., which was a lot easier than I thought. The pair willing gave up a lot of toys they don't play with, so a lot more room was created. Next step was to add the blackboard wall.

Of course the paint ran out before I could finish so I added on a yellow bit! I ran out and bought some chalk and the pair were delighted.  All children love drawing on walls as I have discovered, what is it about drawing behind curtains?? Small boy drew all over one wall with toothpaste before so at least this time its legit.
Total cost, 4.99euro (paint and four boxes of chalk).
Off to do some sewing!

All the best,


  1. ...So it does exist! I was wondering how to create a "fake" chalkboard myself.