Saturday, 19 May 2012

Things I have learnt about Sewing/Crafting


As I was carefully measuring a piece of fabric yesterday, it occured to me how much I have improved since I began sewing. I even had the measuring tape around my neck , seamstress style !! And also I have learnt a lot of lessons...

Here's some of them:
1) The Sewing Machine is not your enemy, it is not out to get you. Honestly. Its a logical machine.
2) A measuring tape is always a good idea, guesstimations do not work out. (If they do its sheer luck).
3) If you are using a sewing machine and the thread loops underneath the fabric, the machine is incorrectly threaded from the top and vice versa.
4) Not every pattern is accurate, even the professional ones.
5) Some people will always think that handmade goods should be practically free, or at least substantially cheaper than mass produced imports of the same genre.
6) A lot of people are genuinely impressed and love something handmade!
7) Crafting people are normally very friendly, helpful and supportive of each other, there is a genuine community out there!
8) You can never have enough pins.
9) You can never have enough fabric, there's always a new and fabulous one for you to choose.
10) After awhile pin pricks don't hurt as much!!! Except when a child sticks one in your leg (in his defence he thought he was helping).

If you have any to add to the list please do let me know,
All the best and have a great weekend,


  1. Love them and all so true, as a "knitter" since I was born it took me a few sewing machines to find one that wasn't out to get me. 7, 8 and 9 are soooooo true. Another one to add is that fabric speaks, listen to it and it will tell you what it wants to be.

  2. I actually just got some new fabric in the post today and one of the patterns was much bigger than I expected, I remenbered your comment and looked at it for awhile, and yes it wants to be a dress! So that is very true!