Friday, 8 June 2012

The Paddington Bear Effect - Decorating Boys Rooms


I was thinking about a colour scheme for a boys cushion the other day and it occured to me that so much boys decorations (especially mine!) and toys are inspired colour wise by Paddington Bear, or what I call the Paddington Bear effect. Its a mix of dark blue/navy and dark red/wine colours.
Take a Paddington Bear or two:
Add some matching curtains!
In his room, small boy has lots of shelves (Ikea bargain and yes I really must remove that sticker now I see it in the photograph) where we've put some of his toys. These are the ones that break easily/ or can be used as a weapon/ or are older boys toys. Of course it doesn't stop him from climbing up, if anything it makes them very tempting..

This is a handy wooden wall hanging with little handles for hanging bits and bobs. This was free from a charity shop a few years ago. The lady didn't think it was worth anything!
Next add a blue wall. I love this colour blue. I had one wall painted blue only and the rest of the walls are white. The rooms at this side of the house get the least amount of sun so I thought it might be too dark otherwise.
The chair I spray painted and recovered with fabric. The cushion is from Laura Ashley (on sale!).
Above is a Laura Ashley rug (on sale!) and a handy toy box from Pennys. I was eyeing up the rug for months and the shop had one of those great sales where everything in the shop is a certain percentage off so you can justify purchases then.

The chest of drawers on the left was an Ikea purchase, I replaced the handles with cute zebra ones from Homebase. The suitcase is from TK Maxx. The cowboy stool is by a Danish company whose name I can't remember.

So as you can see the Paddington Bear effect has taken over the room! I do think its a great colour scheme in that it has taken him from a babys room to a little boys room and then it will still be acceptable when he is older with a little adjustment. 

Have a great weekend and hope the weather is better than here wherever you are!
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  1. Very inspiring, I love how you refreshed the chair, and the wooden wall hanging is lovely!

  2. Thank you! I have another chair to do now, hopefully next week, am looking forward to doing it as its ages since I tackled any furniture.