Monday, 24 September 2012

Doll Update, the makeover in progress!


Am slowly counting down to the big day (baby's due date) so have gone a little mad cleaning instead of crafting. I have big lists of jobs to be done which must be ticked off one by one.
I've lots of new things made but I'm going to close my etsy shops for a week or two and then do a big new listing when they are re-open. That's the plan anyway!! I've new bunting, aprons, Christmas decorations and dolly bits all ready to go.

In the meantime here's a little update on the two Sindy dolls.
I had originally intended to do this doll with white hair but changed it to a rainbow (I'll explain why in a minute). The original head had very litte holes in it especially at the front. I had to create a new hairline at front as the original was very sparse.
You can see on the left how few holes there was. I've also put in entire new rows at the back as the hair would have been very thin.
Depending on how steady your hand is/how many you have done already, you can draw in a hairline with pencil and follow that as your guide when creating new holes. By creating new holes you literally just pop the needle in through to make a new one. At this stage I guess I have added at least 80 new holes already.
Here is the second doll in line for a makeover,
As you can see there is a bit of a split in the head at the top (one big line instead of holes) so I decided to fill this head using the white hear and thermal colours. The options for the split are to glue it together or to try to fill it with hair, I'll have a better idea once the hair is all removed and its cleaned. The problem with this split is of course it could spread/get a lot longer if I am not careful but I'm not giving up yet.
I am going to paint this head white also before I begin.

The makeover continues!
Have a great day!

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

How to reroot dolls hair - Part 3 and a few new candidates


I was sorting through a box of dolls that need a little makeover. I was hoping to begin two dolls for Christmas this week, for modelling my dolls cushions and bedding for Christmas. Here are the candidates, both Sindy dolls of course!
They are in relatively good condition apart from the hair, both have all hands and feet intact. Some minor scrapes and marks but hey, not even dolls can pass through time without some ageing! What is it about children and chewing dolls hands and feet?!?
So the plan is doll on the left is going to have white hair with a twist. I am adding in thermal magic hair so half her hair is either pink or blue (yet to decide!), the rest is white. When you heat the hair then (with hairdryer) it will all turn white, Santa's helper!!
The doll on the right is going to hair rainbow colour hair, basically a little mix of all the colours you see below. I'll probably use brown as the base colour and then add in little bits here and there of the other colours.
Obviously I am not planning a traditional restoration here! I am hoping to transform the two into a dolls that can and will be played with, basically a bit of fun. These are not valuable dolls and I would never suggest doing this to a rarer doll.
I'll post up pictures as I am working along.

How to reroot dolls hair - Part 3

This is a continuation of                                                                                                                      You can then use your long-handled tweezers to pull the needle out the other side. Pull through just enough so you can tie a not in end. If you pull to quickly or too much it will just all come out the other side and you'll have to start again!

Tie a small knot and then trim the end. When I first started I think I added about three knots to the end of each piece in case the knot would come loose but this just makes for a lot of bulk inside the head. So a small knot is enough.

Test the knot is secure and then pull through the doll's head. Now the work begins. Each hole will have to be filled in the same way. If you are a beginner you might think it will take you weeks to do one head but you'll find once you get into a rythym you will fly through it.

I will take lots of pics of the two dolls above as I am rerooting as they both pose different problems for rerooting. The doll on the left has lots of gaps so I will have to make some new holes in her head, this will be more obvious when I cut off the remaining hair.

My first job now is to cut off the hair, pull out any leftover plugs with a pair of tweezers and then wash heads. Once they are dry I can begin to work.

More to follow!
All the best,

Sunday, 16 September 2012

Decorating the Nursery!

Hello there,

How are you? Its been a few days since I had a chance to catch up so I'll try to make up for it.
Finally got a new camera, am still coming to grips with it so forgive me! Been busy making lots of Christmas decorations, bunting and of course finishing the baby blanket. A lot of cleaning and rearranging and the nusery is almost ready. I went for a soft mix of colours, blues and greens and greys. I have ordered some retro airplane print fabric for the curtains and chair.

I made this cushion a few months ago and had it listed on my etsy shop but I took the listing down and its found its way into the baby's room! The frame was a bargain buy in Dunnes.

The finished pram blanket! A lot of careful sewing and matching and reorganising later it is finally finished.
Here is another picture of it. My hat goes off to people who make patchwork and baby quilts, they must put a huge amount of work and effort into them. The owl babies hanger is from Ikea. It reminds me of the "Owl Babies" book for children.
 Of course no room would be complete without bunting! It couldn't take a decent picture of it as it's accross the window but it matches the blanket. The picture frame is vintage, Old MacDonalds farm pictures. The curtains will be replaced.
I couldnt resist this monkey sticker, a bargain from ebay (4.80 euro inc P&P), its large and on the wall over the cot. As its a sticker I can easily removed it when it becomes too babyish!
All the old frames I painted before using grey and green paint are hanging up too and match in perfectly. I'll take a few more pics when the rain stops.
Two weeks to go till the big day so must attempt to put feet up for a bit!!

All the best,

Friday, 7 September 2012

Dallas is Back! And a cushion for JR


Did anyone else watch Dallas the other night? It was the first episode of the new series. Dallas holds a real childhood memory place in my heart! My parents would whisper to each other about getting us kids up to bed so they could watch "Salad" in peace. Eventually we cracked the code and realised they were talking about the Dallas. Of course the odd time we would be allowed up to watch it or we would hide in the dinning room and watch it with creaks in our necks. Being in primary school at the time it was a real badge of honour if you actually got to see it, it didn't really matter that you didn't understand a lot of what was going on in it!
We all knew JR was cool and Sue Ellen was drunk a lot of the time and that Bobby was the good guy but not half as cool as JR. And of course Bobby in the shower, and all those "Who shot JR?" t-shirts. Ah the good old days!
So it was interesting to see Dallas back on air all these years later. It was fun to watch and a real trip back in time. Even the theme tune was the same.
Just a thought but I think sub-consciously Dallas and its cowboys may be responsible for a lot of my boys aprons and cushions!!!

Have a great weekend!
All the best,

Sunday, 2 September 2012

The Tooth Fairy and patchwork Baby Blanket


We had a very important visitor last night, the tooth fairy! It was the first tooth that fell out so it was a big deal. The tooth was placed in a little pink bag and carefully placed under the pillow. Of course teeth mean cash so there was great delight this morning when she found the tooth gone and money in its place. Bless!

Am working through my list of jobs. Here's my plan for the baby blanket, I roughly laid out the squares/rectangles in a pattern and I am going to sew them together row by row. Fingers crossed..

Have a great day!

All the best,