Friday, 7 September 2012

Dallas is Back! And a cushion for JR


Did anyone else watch Dallas the other night? It was the first episode of the new series. Dallas holds a real childhood memory place in my heart! My parents would whisper to each other about getting us kids up to bed so they could watch "Salad" in peace. Eventually we cracked the code and realised they were talking about the Dallas. Of course the odd time we would be allowed up to watch it or we would hide in the dinning room and watch it with creaks in our necks. Being in primary school at the time it was a real badge of honour if you actually got to see it, it didn't really matter that you didn't understand a lot of what was going on in it!
We all knew JR was cool and Sue Ellen was drunk a lot of the time and that Bobby was the good guy but not half as cool as JR. And of course Bobby in the shower, and all those "Who shot JR?" t-shirts. Ah the good old days!
So it was interesting to see Dallas back on air all these years later. It was fun to watch and a real trip back in time. Even the theme tune was the same.
Just a thought but I think sub-consciously Dallas and its cowboys may be responsible for a lot of my boys aprons and cushions!!!

Have a great weekend!
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