Monday, 24 September 2012

Doll Update, the makeover in progress!


Am slowly counting down to the big day (baby's due date) so have gone a little mad cleaning instead of crafting. I have big lists of jobs to be done which must be ticked off one by one.
I've lots of new things made but I'm going to close my etsy shops for a week or two and then do a big new listing when they are re-open. That's the plan anyway!! I've new bunting, aprons, Christmas decorations and dolly bits all ready to go.

In the meantime here's a little update on the two Sindy dolls.
I had originally intended to do this doll with white hair but changed it to a rainbow (I'll explain why in a minute). The original head had very litte holes in it especially at the front. I had to create a new hairline at front as the original was very sparse.
You can see on the left how few holes there was. I've also put in entire new rows at the back as the hair would have been very thin.
Depending on how steady your hand is/how many you have done already, you can draw in a hairline with pencil and follow that as your guide when creating new holes. By creating new holes you literally just pop the needle in through to make a new one. At this stage I guess I have added at least 80 new holes already.
Here is the second doll in line for a makeover,
As you can see there is a bit of a split in the head at the top (one big line instead of holes) so I decided to fill this head using the white hear and thermal colours. The options for the split are to glue it together or to try to fill it with hair, I'll have a better idea once the hair is all removed and its cleaned. The problem with this split is of course it could spread/get a lot longer if I am not careful but I'm not giving up yet.
I am going to paint this head white also before I begin.

The makeover continues!
Have a great day!


  1. Can't Waite to get the new start 50 Sindy doll ! Can't believe it's gonna be launched in 2013 ! Check them out they look like the ones u have revamped ! Just hope they are like the ones in the pictures ! They have black and white sixties retro clothes and collectors are gonna love them ;) also they are just like the ballarina ones all the collectors want ! Looking forward ;)

  2. Hello, Thanks for that info, I didn't realise they were making new ones. Is there pictures of them somewhere? I'd love to see them! I hope they are the old Pedigree style ones. Thanks for sharing! All the best, Maria