Wednesday, 19 September 2012

How to reroot dolls hair - Part 3 and a few new candidates


I was sorting through a box of dolls that need a little makeover. I was hoping to begin two dolls for Christmas this week, for modelling my dolls cushions and bedding for Christmas. Here are the candidates, both Sindy dolls of course!
They are in relatively good condition apart from the hair, both have all hands and feet intact. Some minor scrapes and marks but hey, not even dolls can pass through time without some ageing! What is it about children and chewing dolls hands and feet?!?
So the plan is doll on the left is going to have white hair with a twist. I am adding in thermal magic hair so half her hair is either pink or blue (yet to decide!), the rest is white. When you heat the hair then (with hairdryer) it will all turn white, Santa's helper!!
The doll on the right is going to hair rainbow colour hair, basically a little mix of all the colours you see below. I'll probably use brown as the base colour and then add in little bits here and there of the other colours.
Obviously I am not planning a traditional restoration here! I am hoping to transform the two into a dolls that can and will be played with, basically a bit of fun. These are not valuable dolls and I would never suggest doing this to a rarer doll.
I'll post up pictures as I am working along.

How to reroot dolls hair - Part 3

This is a continuation of                                                                                                                      You can then use your long-handled tweezers to pull the needle out the other side. Pull through just enough so you can tie a not in end. If you pull to quickly or too much it will just all come out the other side and you'll have to start again!

Tie a small knot and then trim the end. When I first started I think I added about three knots to the end of each piece in case the knot would come loose but this just makes for a lot of bulk inside the head. So a small knot is enough.

Test the knot is secure and then pull through the doll's head. Now the work begins. Each hole will have to be filled in the same way. If you are a beginner you might think it will take you weeks to do one head but you'll find once you get into a rythym you will fly through it.

I will take lots of pics of the two dolls above as I am rerooting as they both pose different problems for rerooting. The doll on the left has lots of gaps so I will have to make some new holes in her head, this will be more obvious when I cut off the remaining hair.

My first job now is to cut off the hair, pull out any leftover plugs with a pair of tweezers and then wash heads. Once they are dry I can begin to work.

More to follow!
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  1. I have two boys, so we don't have any dolls at home;)but I always love to read how you work:)