Sunday, 12 January 2014

Map walls - feature wall for boy's room


Having great fun redecorating the house this week, well its more a tidy and moving all the furniture around in rooms and clearing out the excess toys and books. Big load going to the charity shop this week. I received a copy of "Vintage Home" by Sarah Moore from my sister for Christmas, thanks sis!

Lots of great ideas, most are a little too floral for me but I was very taken with the idea of using old maps as wallpaper. The idea is to simply use a selection of old maps and paste them to the walls to create a very unique wallpaper. Such as these fab ones I found on pinterest,

Picture via pinterest and from :

Picture from pinterest : 

Perfect for smallest boys room, now a toddler and no longer a baby, time for a room upgrade you say. Next problem, where to get maps? Well then I remembered the giant reference I bought from the library a few years ago. They were selling off books for 50cents and I couldn't leave the giant book behind despite it being very out of date. So first thing tomorrow, after the school taxi run, me and toddler are going to get cutting and pasting. All done and dusted by lunch time I reckon! So excited!!

Next up I have to get my submissions ready for a pop-up shop happening in Dublin from the end of this month until early March. Have some new fabrics on the table ready for cutting, great to be creating again. Oh and my workspace is nearly, nearly there, actually off to finish it now, pics to follow!
Have a wonderful week,
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  1. How exciting! I can not wait to see your little guys room and your work space! The maps are such a great idea!!! All the best this year friend! And a happy week of creating to you! Nicole

  2. That is a fabulous idea...I think i will now pop over to pinterest...thanks for sharing!
    bestest Daisy j