Sunday, 9 March 2014

Dresses and fabrics and dresses and fabrics!


Can't believe it is crawling into March already, where is the time going? Very quickly this year! The rain and stormy weather is finally easing up and the spring flowers are out. My son helped me plant a lot of bulbs last year and has been waiting very patiently for them to bloom. There's something special about flowers that you've grown yourself!

I've been busy restocking my etsy shop ( My daughter helped model some of the dresses for me, she is very patient!

I've also been designing fabric which is sitting on my cutting table right now waiting patiently for me. My sketchbook is full of drawings so I am working on translating the ideas in my head into actual dresses. I am making the patterns so each dress is being tested on other fabric before I cut into my own fabric. Its very a very exciting process and fingers crossed it all works out! I'll be camera mad when I finish.

I have a bit of a deer thing at the moment, they are so cute! I fell in love with this fabric and made a couple of dresses from it. I also have it vibrant pink which is earmarked for little cushions.

Speaking of little cushions, I have a line of doll cushions awaiting buttons. I actually love hand sewing the little buttons on, there is something therapeutic about it!

Right time to get back to the cutting table, rest over!
Hope you have a great week,
All the best,


  1. Hey friend! Your dresses are so adorable! My goodness! And your fabrics...they are out of this world awesome! Best wishes in all of your creating! You are so very talented!!! Nicole xoxo

  2. Hi Maria, your Etsy shop looks great and model is just gorgeous! Looking forward to the new dresses, they will be so special!

  3. Oh those little dolls cushions are just darling! Can't wait to see the fabrics you've designed yourself in cute dresses too! :D

    1. Thanks Holly! I'll be glad when they are all ready to go!!