Sunday, 17 August 2014

Vintage Children's Illustrations and Charity Shop Finds


I had a great time hunting for vintage treasures this week, and boy was I in luck. 1970s heaven! I came across some great vintage children's books, who could leave Bambi behind?

Then I found some fabric, I never find fabric! Luck was on my side. I'm thinking cushion covers for my planned 1970s inspired living room.

I couldn't leave this painting behind, its hanging in my studio. Its very vibrant in reality.

One of the books I found is one of those 365 days books for children, with a story or rhyme for every day of the year. It has so many different styles of illustrations.
I want to make these dresses!

 Cute little story about making a blanket for a teddy!
 Totally different style of illustrations, all in the same book.
I also managed to pick up some 1970s mugs and a few pcitures frames. Time to start planning for the living room makeover!
Have a great day,

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  1. Hi Maria, you have found some lovely things, especially love that blue and mint green fabric. xx