Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Nanny McPhee Interiors - The wallpaper search

Everytime I see Nanny McPhee & the Big bang I fall in love with it all over again. Its the style and the look that gets me as well as the movie itself. Its all that 1930s  /40s English shabby chic, meets wartime Make do and Mend, meets Cath Kidston, add in some Sanderson, countryside and mixed with some eccentricity thrown in for good measure. We watched it again here recently and I immediately wanted to redecorate or move to an English cottage with a well established cottage garden. Given that I do live in the Irish countryside and its a modern house not a cottage I find that it really inspires how I decorate the bedrooms in out home.

As a former City girl living in the country with her hubby and three children, I can totally relate to the country cousins/city cousins feeling!

Its hard to see, but you can just about make out the vintage toy carousel and that gorgeous floral wall painting.
Some of these pics are actually from my old blog  take me to your old blog post
See it has been inspiring me for years!

Well first up its wallpaper time, first I had to check Laura Ashley who do some beautiful wallpapers
 This one has already made its way onto our guest bedroom wall, with some yellow paint on the walls beside to really make it pop!

 I think these Wisteria will have to find a way here...

Next up was the Sanderson website, I love the vintage Sanderson fabrics, these are reproductions of their vintage prints, so beautiful!

 This is top of my list! Absolutely stunning. This is coming to my house one way or another.

And a quick stop at Cath Kidston

Classic Roses
Both perfect for any Nanny McPhee inspired rooms!
You can find all the links for these on my pinterest page Nanny Mc Phee Pinterest Page

I'm in search of some fabrics next, some gorgeous fabrics!


  1. those classic roses look awfully familiar...I think I grew up with those very ones on my bedroom wall.