Friday, 21 August 2015

Peacock Inspiration

There is something so beautiful and majestic about peacocks. This beauty lives in Altamount Gardens Carlow and no visit there is complete without a sighting.

Its rare to catch him with all his feathers on show. The sun was shining behind him so hard to capture the colours, but trust me you could see them all in person. And he has without a doubt inspired my latest fabric purchase. I bought it to make a cushion cover but couldn't resist making a little dress too.

It is a beautiful fabric, the colours are incredible and the hints of gold running through it, make it even more luxurious.

These photos are from all pinned to my pinterest board Peacocks, which you can find here.Pinterest Board

Wow!! Amazing capture.

How incredible is this peacock cake? It is amazing, a real work of art.

Rarer still, the white peacock.

A close-up, so beautiful.
No doubt this incredible bird will continue to inspire!


  1. Have never seen, nor even heard, of a White Peacock! Thanks for sharing the photo. Not sure he'll ever match or supercede the "normal" one though!

  2. Indeed peacock is one of the most beautiful birds. Peacock inspired many artists to create their works. Very beautiful photos, thank you.