Monday, 3 August 2015

Vintage Children's Pattern , Laura Wheeler

As a huge fan of vintage children's clothes I've picked up a few patterns here and there. This is one of them. Its from a mail order company called Laura Wheeler, Needlecraft Service.

This was a pattern company that advertised in newspapers, mail order magazines and people would send away and receive the pattern back in the post. I am not sure of the year of this, maybe someone who is familiar with postmarks might be able to advise?

Inside the envelope came the pattern pieces and the instructions.

The instructions are raised print and the design is number 752. It is for a little girls blouse and dress. The dress comes with the sweetest little pocket motifs. The pattern suggests using straw yarn for the hair on the motif.

The pattern is explained in great detail.

Close up of the pocket motif faces.

Pattern pieces itself. Using little punch holes perforations to indicate marks used for cutting.

I do have plans to actually try out this pattern. It seems a shame that its been sitting in an envelope unused for I am guessing over 50 years. I'll carefully copy the pieces though and not use the originals! I think its a little piece of history and I'll look after it.
Now just need a spare afternoon!

All the best

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  1. This particular pattern was marketed in 1954. It does not appear to have been duplicated under different numbers.