Saturday, 19 March 2016

New York Architecture

I love New York! I finally got to revisit this month after over a decade away. And New York did not disappoint. As I live in the countryside of Ireland, surround by green fields, it was certainly a feast for my eyes. These are some of the Art Deco influenced photos I took. First stop Bloomingdales which takes up a whole block and was rebuilt in the 1930s in an Art Deco style. For me as a "Friends" watcher all those years, Bloomingdales is a must see. And yes I did leave with a few Brown Bags!  And a makeover.


The Tonight Show, at the NBC Studios

Bryant Park Hotel, beautiful black and gold building, formerly the American Radiator Company. It is on Bryant Park, at the back of the NYC Public Library. And built in 1924 using striking black (they do appear a dark brown in sunlight) and gold.

The magnificent doorway.

 Postcard perfect doorways

 Subway mosaic. The beauty of these tiles, even with their age decay , you can see work and design everywhere. I am determined to use this green colour in my own house this summer!

 The Waldorf Astoria Hotel, a little out of my budget!

The famous Flatiron Building.

 Grand Central Station

Not all train stations are created equal and Grand Central is magnificent.

And now I need to start saving for my next trip!
All the best

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