Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Inherited Buttons- Just ask your mom/aunt/granny


Are you one of those people who collect buttons? I'll admit it, I have a collection!
It consists of the spare buttons that come with clothes or those that fall off clothes. Or ones I take off clothes that are being binned. (Strictly ones not good enough for hand me downs or charity shops) And the odd one that comes free in a hotel sewing kit.

I now add buttons to some things I make so my selection was running low.
And it occured to me, if I had a jar, my mother had one, I must have gotten the habit from somewhere.
So I asked and I happily collected a large collection of buttons and ribbons from my own mother, in perfect condition. I am a minder, so is my mother.

Then I asked my mother in law and was sure she'd forgotten all about it until yesterday when she appeared with two tins full of treasure! Out came the washing up liquid as soon as she had left.

Check out the nylon thread for mending tights. I never knew such a thing existed.

Enough to keep me in supplies for awhile. So my tip is this, ask your female relatives for their jar of buttons (only if they dont use it of course). Its a thing a lot of people do out of habit and the older generations especially. So ask and you might be pleasantly surprised like me.

Take care,


  1. I'm a total button addict, so much so that strangers give me boxes of buttons at my stall!!

    Your blog is lovely, I can't believe you are new to it, if you are looking for other Irish bloggers head over to

  2. Thats great, people can be generous when you least expect it, I thought it was like sorting through old treasure!
    Thank you for your lovely comments, I am truly chuffed!!
    I am going to check that out now, thank you so much for the tip.