Thursday, 19 January 2012

Making Doll Clothes Using Vintage Patterns

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Last year my little girl asked me to make a dress for her doll. Well actually she asked for a purple haired Sindy doll with a pretty red ballgown. I did explain that I am not a fairy and can't make whatever is wished. I vaguely knew about OOAK dolls and I knew Sindy didn't ever have purple hair so I set about figuring out how to do this. Then the red ballgown consisted of a piece of fabric with a ribbon holding it in place. I got away with it because the recipient is young!! If you've ever worked in miniature, my hat goes off to you!!

I came accross these vintage doll dressmaking sets on ebay last year and am finally going to give them a go. The sets come with fabric with patterns printed into them. You cut out, follow instructions and should have lovely doll clothes. At least I hope I will. It is aimed at children so how hard can it be???? ha ha

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