Monday, 30 January 2012

Snowdrops and Needlebooks


I don't know about you but I love snowdrops. Its a real sign winter is leaving (please, please don't snow this year)
Don't get me wrong I love snow. In small doses. But essentially I am a city girl living in the country and for the last two years we were snowed in for weeks on end. A few days is amusing but then I start seeing mirages of shops in the fields. Even  grocery shopping in Tesco or Aldi sounds appealing. So please please don't snow.
These beautiful snowdrops are in Altamount Gardens, Co. Carlow. Mine are not so impressive yet.

My new needlebook is finished! This should send the problem of disappearing needles into the pincushion.

What a brilliant idea. I can say that without vanity because it wasn't mine.

The cup looks relieved. No more dissection. The cup is a vintage one I had and the orange material in the pincup is from one of my very first purchases on etsy from , who sells lovely bundles of cotton jersey destined for doll projects. The colour matched the cup so well and the jersey material is great for popping pins in.

Roll on spring,
Take care,

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