Thursday, 26 April 2012

Birthday Cakes for kids, when did they get so fancy?


I can vaguely remember my childhood birthday cakes, mainly because I had a severe egg allergy (since grown out of) and I usually had ice-cream cakes (blocks with smartie decorations, melted chocolate). But the 80s are over.... And these days cakes have gotten complicated.
And fancy.
I blame hubbie, he's a chef so cooking to him is second nature.
This is the birthday girls cake from last year:
I told him the bar had been set tooo high.

But I didn't mind too much because I figured he'd always make the cakes.
Except this years party is on Saturday and hubbie is working until then and won't have time to make cake, ahhh!
On our previous trip to Kilkenny we walked by a cake shop (near the bookstore!) and in the window was a doll in a cake. Literally in the middle. Small girl asks can she have this for her party and I happily agree confident I won't have anything to do with it, except maybe choose a doll for the middle.
Now we have a problem. I attempted to change small girls mind but there was no budging. So the job of creating barbie in a cake has fallen on my shoulders.

I have never cooked a cake in my life, seriously, maybe in school but I can't remember. I had the egg allergy as a child which meant my eyes would swell up if I was in the same room as eggs so I don't even have a memory of how to cook. When hubbie cooks I exit the room rapidly as he always attempts to turn me into his assistant (i.e. the crap jobs like peeling potatoes or washing).

I have a plan, pile a few cakes on top of each other, cut a hole in the middle, pop Barbie in and hope the icing sticks to the outside.
Here I am, ingredients bought, cake tin purchased, tons of icing packets, lots of pink cake decorations and I need to start.... Help!!!

Time to look on youtube!!

Take care,


  1. This cake looks very impressive...yummy:)))

  2. wow that's some cake. Good luck with Barbie! You're artistic, so I know you will pull it off!!!

  3. Thank you for the vote of confidence! I just about got away with it!!!