Wednesday, 18 April 2012

New Pictures for Etsy


I may have mentioned before that I have been very lucky with my dolls shop on etsy but have yet to make a sale on my home decoration shop on etsy. I have sold items outside of etsy so this has kept me motivated.
So to improve things on etsy I have decided I need to upgrade my photos as to be honest a lot of them were not very good to begin with. Outside I went and managed to take a few before the rain came down! I think they look much better than my previous shots.
Bunting for Girls

Also I am adding some new products, aprons for children. They were getting the washing machine test today to make sure no colours ran. I do wash the fabric before use but I wanted to be extra extra safe. I finally got a break in the rain so they made a very pretty picture on the clothes line.  Hopefully I will get a sale soon!

All the best,


  1. very good photos! and your new items for etsy shop are very cute:)))

  2. Thank you, its so hard to get the photo right, especially on the larger items. The dolls I have no problems because they are tiny things. Hopefully it will help my luck change!!