Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Charity Shop Finds, Vintage Childrens Pictures


I found a few "treasures" on my recent chairty shop trips. I haven't got around to actually doing anything with them yet, but I will!
As you may know I love vintage childrens pictures either framed or in books. Here's one of my daughter's favourites:

And here's a recent find. I am still debating with myself if it is cute or if it is a little creepy. I am not sure about it, the toys look very sad. Maybe a fresh coat of paint on the frame will brighten it up. What do you think? Could anything cheer these toys up??

Here's a sweet farm picture. I can imagine a child happily singing along to this one. I like this one because the illustrations are realistic and not changed into silly looking animals with big eyes that look nothing like the real thing.
Next up is a chair just waiting to be upgraded. I carried this through Carlow town back to the car in the rain ,whilst guiding small boy and carrying other shopping. It was too nice to leave behind and I if you don't snatch things up when you see them in charity shops they are always gone an hour later. Believe it or not a man actually hopped out of his car and offered to carry it for me. I nearly fainted in surprise, there is a few gentlemen left in the world. Of course I declined.

Its a much nicer chair than I usually find so its going to require the full works, sanding, painting, new padding, fabric, the works! I reckon its a school summer holidays project for me. The fabric reminds me of my childhood curtains for some reason. Ah kids today, don't know how lucky they are!!!

Right off to get some sewing done before the school run begins.

Take care

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Vintage Dolls Blanket, an inspiration!


A couple of years ago my daughter got this little dolls bed from Ikea, I am going to spray it pink the minute the weather gets a little better. With the wind out there this week, I'd be covered in paint if I even attempted it. As you can see it is loved even in its plain state.

The blanket is a vintage dolls blanket that came from the US in a little cardboard dolls suitcase and some clone dolls (the one on the right!).
I think its from the 1960s/70s and its so beautifully made, completely made with love. I was going to hold onto it but I think it deserved to be loved by a child rather than sit in a box so I let mine have it!
It is inspiring me to make some dolls bed covers, to complement the doll cushions I already make.

I am about to list up lots of things on etsy on both shops, providing my internet does not fail me again. Here is some pics I made for a baby boy's room. I always seem to make ten girly items to each boys item so I am trying to even the score.

I have made some matching cushions and bunting as well.

All the best,

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

New cushions, fabric pictures and Ducketts Grove Fair


I've finished a few new cushions and pictures over the weekend. I also made my first peg bag, a request from family. Here are the new style cushions, they are made from 4 inch strips of fabric sown together a long strip of fabric which is then turned into a cushion. They take a bit of time to make but I think they are worth it!

I visited the country fair at Ducketts Grove Carlow on Sunday which was truly a great family day out. There was food, crafts, face painting, lots of animals and horse and cart rides.
I have to admit I was thinking how I would love a stall of my own!

Ducketts Grove, Carlow.

They have new craft rooms on site now and a tea room so we will definetly be making a return visit soon.

All the best,