Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Lots of stock for the fair


I've been busy trying to get some stock together for the fair on Sunday. Its my first one so I am guessing as to how much of everything I need. So I've gone with the more the merrier! Here's the aprons:

Each one is different so there should be one to suit all tastes
 Above is my cushion mountain.   I sometimes test things on my children to check if children would like them. With small boy you know he likes it if he asks if its for him. Small girl is a lot more expressive in her opinions, so you get a long and detailed opinion.

All the best,


  1. How many marvelous things, it's good to see them all together! For pricing, tons of articles say: (costs for material+ your work) x 3, or 2 if it's wholesale. But it's just a basic rule, there are a lot of "plus" to keep in mind (fees, current prices, contest etc etc). Have a nice time at the fair!

  2. Thanks for that, thats a good rule to apply. I think I was underpricing, not taking into account all the costs. Its all a learning curve for me!

  3. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog! :D

    The things you make are lovely! I love the fabric you've chosen!

    When I'm pricing things I think about the cost of materials and how long it's taken to make (I would like to earn as much from a day of crafting as a day at work, say I've made 10 brooches in a morning, I would get paid £30 a morning at work, so I would divide the 30 by 10, giving me £3 per item, then add some on for materials and fees etc...does that make sense?) I also charge differently for levels of concentration, if I've been crocheting in front of the TV it costs less than huddling over the sewing machine and concentrating on sewing straight lines!

    good luck at the fair! :)