Wednesday, 6 June 2012

My first Treasury List on Etsy & Busy Sewing


I have always admired the fab treasury lists on etsy and yesterday I finally did one myself.
It contains all items by Irish crafters from the Crafty Ireland Team, some wonderful bits and pieces, there is some great talent out there!

Little hearts for the fair, some with lavender and some plain!
I've made a lot of boy aprons and cushions in the last week, to sort of even things up as I seemed to have ten girl things for every boy one. I am blaming it on the fabulous pretty fabric. Here's a boys cushion below. I was tempted to add this to small boys room as it would match his colour scheme but he has too many.

All the best,


  1. I love those sweet fabric hearts!:))

  2. Thank you! I've a production line of them in the sitting room at the moment and a line of bunting, its all very girly!

  3. What a beautiful picture - a little blue suitcase filled with pretty fabric hearts. Just gorgeous.

    Nina x

  4. Hello Nina, Thank you for your lovely comments! All the best,