Sunday, 15 July 2012

Painting Old Picture Frames


I finally got around to cleaning and painting some old pictures frames I had. These were a mix of charity shop finds and old neglected frames I had.

The first thing to do is take them completely apart, remove the back, the glass etc. I wash the glass in a bowl of washing up liquid (carefully) and leave it to air dry.
The two pictures on the left above have repainted frames and the gold on the right was just cleaned. The pic on the left had a pine colour frame which looked very dated and the green one had a very dark blue colour which was gloomy looking. I use washing up liquid and water ( a little bit!) to clean the frames too. Once dry you can paint to your heart's content. I had decided on colours so I bought two small tester colours from a hardward store. I use my own brushes and not the tester ones, a few coats and job is done.

I love this grey colour, its Homebase Sanctuary range, "shadow" colour in matt. Here's a link to some of the "before" pics.
I cleaned up some destined for photos so it doesn't have to be just children's pictures you can do this for.

Hope the sun stays out, have a great day,

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