Sunday, 26 August 2012

Patchwork Baby Blanket, help and advice needed!

Good morning,

Sun is out again so a day trip might be in order! With raincoats in a bag just in case...
I've been busy making new bunting, dolls cushions and Christmas decorations. It does seem a bit strange to be looking at Christmas things in August.
Here is my latest project which I have about 5 weeks to go to make.
Its a baby blanket and I am determind to make one. Of course it may not work out but I have to try at the very least.
I have cut up lots of squares of fabric and my plan is to sew them together and then attach the super soft minky fabric on the other side. The squares, more rectangles measure approx 5inch accross and 6 inch down.
As you can tell my plan is a little vague! Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I really have no idea what I am doing.
I started restocking my dolls shop, Mog Dolls Delights, this week.

 Sindy was delighted to be modelling again. This is one of my rescue dolls, the doll was missing half her hair which was originally brown. I cut it all off and replaced with a mix of black and some blue stripes. Its an early 1980s doll brought into 2012!

Have a great day,

Friday, 17 August 2012

School Uniforms and lots of bunting in progress


Yesterday we set out to sort out school uniforms for next month. As the holidays are getting near the end I could no longer ignore the issue. Armed with a long list and steely determination (on my part not the children) I was going to cross everything off one by one in record time. That was the plan at least. I can safely say I managed to get about half the things on the list and about ten things I didn't really need. So a new list has been drawn up and we'll have to face out again but this time I am bring Moshi Monster merchandise resistant spray if I can just get my hands on it!!

Back in the land of sewing I am running up a nice batch of bunting, lots of work in progress.
These flags are nearly ready to be sown onto ribbon. They have been cut, sown and turned the right way out. Sometimes I have a plan in mind colour wise an other times I wait and see what looks good together when all the flags are made.
This is my first complete one. I was down to my last boys bunting so I finished this one first, its listed on my etsy shop today.

Have a great weekend!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Baby Burp cloths and new additions to family and shop !


When I was making stock for craft fairs I decided to extend (in length!) the fabric face cloths I was already making and turn them into baby burp cloths. From what I can tell these are very popular around the world and are starting to be sold more and more in Ireland.

They do the same job as a muslin cloth but are a lot prettier and can be used for a lot more purposes. You could then use them as mini towels for toddlers or face cloths.
I made some for girls and some for boys.

And of course my interest in baby items has another side to it, baby number three will be making its appearance before too long! I am due the end of September so am slowing down by the day / and or getting bigger!! So the sudden influx of baby influenced items in my etsy shop has an inspiration or reason behind it.
The nusery is a major work in progress at the moment and I am trying not to panic by the fact that it is not all ready. I'll post some pics when its a little less messy!

All the best,

Sunday, 12 August 2012

How to Reroot Dolls Hair Part Two

Months ago I began a tutorial (of sorts) on how to reroot a dolls hair which for some reason I never finished so its about time to!

These are three old Sindys, two from the 1980s and the middle one from the early 1970s that have all been scrubbed up and given new hair for various reasons (bald patches, missing hair etc.)

If you take a look at my previous guide (above) I was just at the stage to begin rerooting. A dolls hair had been removed and the new hair was ready to be inserted so I'll continue from there.
1) The hair usually comes in a long piece (hank) which you can cut in half or three depending on the length you want the hair. I usually cut in half, this leaves the hair long and makes it a lot easier to work with. So cut the hair in half and seperate it into sections. Divide again into smaller sections to make it easier to work with. Once you have a smaller section in hand you can dip the end in water to seperate. If you look at the picture above from right to left, the right is half the entire hank of hair, next is about a third of the hair, then you have a smaller piece to work with  (end has been dipped in water) and finally a small piece through the needle.

2) A tricky part when you are starting out rerooting is figuring how much hair to thread into the needle to fill each hole. Add to this, the existing holes on the dolls head are usually different sizes so you will have to change amounts to suit each one. Some of the hair types (nylon, saran etc.) are different in thickness. You will get used to this very quickly. Seperate some hair and thread it through the needle just as you would in sewing.
The needle is then pushed through a hole in the dolls head. I do this from the outside in.

You will get used to how much hair to put into each hole very quickly. It should slide in easily and should fill the gap nicely (not too bulky or too thin)
You can then use your long-handled tweezers to pull the needle out the other side. Pull through just enough so you can tie a not in end. If you pull to quickly or too much it will just all come out the other side and you'll have to start again!

Tie a small knot and then trim the end. When I first started I think I added about three knots to the end of each piece in case the knot would come loose but this just makes for a lot of bulk inside the head. So a small knot is enough.

Part three to follow soon.
I hope this was useful!

All the best,

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Back from the Fair, time to create!


I think this has been the longest break I have taken from my blog, but I'm back to business!
I had been sewing lots of stock up to the weekend so I am looking forward to trying lots of new things in the next few weeks.
I was at the Tinahely Show, Co. Wicklow on Monday and here are some pictures of my stall.
The table cloth was a last minute purchase from a local shop in Tullow. I had planned on buying a white tablecloth but I think it looked well in the end, a bargain for Euro15.00 considering there was nearly 4 metres!

The show was incredibly well organised from start to finish, the organisers certainly know how to run a show! I was in the craft village marquee with some very talented crafters, there was writers, jewelry makers, fellow sewers, wood crafts, a great range of items. I'll add in the links of the other crafters here shortly..
There was an amazing quilt tent full to the brim with some very talented work including one by Tomomi who has a shop on etsy and who has an truly incredible talent, she really has turned quilting into an art form.

There was some delicious food to be had, I had some melt in the mouth fudge which I am still thinking about today. And the most delicious scone I've had in a long time also.
There was so much for children to see and do as well. Small boy here has all his tractors and farm animals back out and lined up in the sitting room reinacting the scene!
I am delighted to say I did sell lots, I nearly sold out of bunting and dolls cushions.
Sindy was very popular, a few did try to buy her but she was too comfortable on the couch to leave!

Right the BBQ is nearly ready so its time to go, hope its sunny for you too!
Take care,