Monday, 13 August 2012

Baby Burp cloths and new additions to family and shop !


When I was making stock for craft fairs I decided to extend (in length!) the fabric face cloths I was already making and turn them into baby burp cloths. From what I can tell these are very popular around the world and are starting to be sold more and more in Ireland.

They do the same job as a muslin cloth but are a lot prettier and can be used for a lot more purposes. You could then use them as mini towels for toddlers or face cloths.
I made some for girls and some for boys.

And of course my interest in baby items has another side to it, baby number three will be making its appearance before too long! I am due the end of September so am slowing down by the day / and or getting bigger!! So the sudden influx of baby influenced items in my etsy shop has an inspiration or reason behind it.
The nusery is a major work in progress at the moment and I am trying not to panic by the fact that it is not all ready. I'll post some pics when its a little less messy!

All the best,


  1. ...Congratulation! I didn't know! And of course I love your latest creation!