Sunday, 26 August 2012

Patchwork Baby Blanket, help and advice needed!

Good morning,

Sun is out again so a day trip might be in order! With raincoats in a bag just in case...
I've been busy making new bunting, dolls cushions and Christmas decorations. It does seem a bit strange to be looking at Christmas things in August.
Here is my latest project which I have about 5 weeks to go to make.
Its a baby blanket and I am determind to make one. Of course it may not work out but I have to try at the very least.
I have cut up lots of squares of fabric and my plan is to sew them together and then attach the super soft minky fabric on the other side. The squares, more rectangles measure approx 5inch accross and 6 inch down.
As you can tell my plan is a little vague! Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I really have no idea what I am doing.
I started restocking my dolls shop, Mog Dolls Delights, this week.

 Sindy was delighted to be modelling again. This is one of my rescue dolls, the doll was missing half her hair which was originally brown. I cut it all off and replaced with a mix of black and some blue stripes. Its an early 1980s doll brought into 2012!

Have a great day,

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  1. Love Sindy's new haircut! For the baby blanket, you could definitely ask advice to our team-mates, or maybe just browsing :D