Friday, 17 August 2012

School Uniforms and lots of bunting in progress


Yesterday we set out to sort out school uniforms for next month. As the holidays are getting near the end I could no longer ignore the issue. Armed with a long list and steely determination (on my part not the children) I was going to cross everything off one by one in record time. That was the plan at least. I can safely say I managed to get about half the things on the list and about ten things I didn't really need. So a new list has been drawn up and we'll have to face out again but this time I am bring Moshi Monster merchandise resistant spray if I can just get my hands on it!!

Back in the land of sewing I am running up a nice batch of bunting, lots of work in progress.
These flags are nearly ready to be sown onto ribbon. They have been cut, sown and turned the right way out. Sometimes I have a plan in mind colour wise an other times I wait and see what looks good together when all the flags are made.
This is my first complete one. I was down to my last boys bunting so I finished this one first, its listed on my etsy shop today.

Have a great weekend!