Monday, 22 October 2012

Making Christmas Decorations


Been busy hand sewing buttons onto Christmas decorations. I love hand sewing, its very relaxing and certainly keeps my hands away from chocolate! Its my first ever year making Christmas decorations so it's something completely different creatively to what I usually make.

Here's some finished decorations
And some more:
The stockings and mittens are open at the top so could be used to put little gifts in either.

I took over a small table in the sitting room to finish sewing the buttons on the felt hearts. These are all finished now so its time to move onto the sewing machine.

My poor sewing machine is on strike. It won't pick up the thread from the bobbin for some reason, the needle won't pick it the thread. I took the whole thing apart about ten times now but no luck so its time tomorrow for me to find a repair shop.
My awaiting sewing pile has grown quite high and I am actually missing using it. Hopefully it is not too serious and I and find someone to fix it!
Next job, finish the rainbow haired doll reroot, only a small bit left to do so I'll post pictures once it's finished.

Take care,


  1. Love the owl stockings, they're so cute! And I'm Very jealous of your button collection! Sooo many colours!

  2. Thank you! I've got a lot more buttons in jars, but in my defence I am using up a lot on the decorations!!

  3. How sweet! I also love the owl stockings:)

  4. Brilliant idea: the Xmas mitten ;))

  5. I like everything! I'm sorry for the sewing machine, hope it will be fixed soon!