Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Nanny McPhee - an interiors inspiration


What a stormy day it is here, shiver shiver! If you live in Ireland and especially if you have children you might know about the "Big Big Movie" on RTE on a Saturday evening. They show a movie/cartoon every week which is anticipated greatly by the kids in this house. Everyone has to sit down and watch as a rule. Last week it was Nanny McPhee and the Big Bang.

The family live in a house which is so English countryside, run-down shabby chic, vintage, Cath Kidston would be proud, style. Its brilliant! Its set in England during World War II.
Not for those who like state of the art at all but for those of us who like a rummage through charity shops its visually fab.

It was hard to find a picture that shows the house properly and the lovely vibrant colours but you can get the idea. I think some of my cushions and aprons would not look out of place in the house!
Cushion is Cath Kidston print and apron below is a fabric which if I remember correctly is a copy of a 1940s fabric.
So if you haven't seen the movie and you get the chance, do!

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