Saturday, 29 December 2012

Creative Carlow and the Pop Up Shop


Lovely sunny day here in Carlow. Taking a break from the after- Christmas clean-up for a few minutes, phew! I had the wonderful opportunity to be involved in the Creative Carlow pop-up shop before Christmas. Creative Carlow is a grouping of "creative" people who live in Carlow, , its made up of some very talented crafters and really lovely people! With the support of Carlow Entreprise Board we were able to set up a pop up shop in the main street in Carlow town.
Some serious transformation work was done by some of the team as it was a Euro shop with lots of discoloured walls, red plastic and some dirt thrown in. The walls were painted white and we all had our own area inside the shop to set up.
This is my original set-up which was then given a fab makeover by Elaine Scully (Elaine Scully Styling) and Catherine Sothern (Eco Kate Designs) who great styling skills.  We all took turns working in the shop which was great fun and a lot different to selling at a market. Of course I got to work with and get to know and have fun with many of the Creative Carlow group . I'll do a little piece on all my fellow crafters in the next week! Sales were great so thank you to anyone who called in and purchased.
I learnt so much from the experience too and a great tip for anyone like me who is new to crafting is a stock list! Usually at markets I would pop up a price in front of an item, such as Doll cushions, 5 euro but for the shop each item was individually priced and then added to a stock list. This was you can easily keep track of your items, what is selling, what isn't selling, what you need to make more of etc. A great way to run things that I am keeping up!
Right time to go paint some trees on walls, all part of children's Christmas presents, room makeovers, I'll keep you posted!!!
All the best,

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