Thursday, 27 December 2012

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas!!
Hope you all had a wonderful day, that Santa was very generous and that you are having a great holiday time!
After a couple of days taking it relatively easy I am more than ready to get back to normal.

Christmas Cake

This is our Christmas Cake, based on a Nigella Malteaser Cake but with lots of icing sugar and decorations, yum yum. I doubled the recipe which wasn't my greatest idea as it was huge, still plenty left!

I had a very busy December with the Christmas markets and also I was involved in a pop-up shop in Carlow as part of the "Creative Carlow" group. Thank you so much to all who bought from Lollipops and Daydreams and Maria Home Decorations, it really was very much appreciated. I am looking forward to creating lots of new items and setting up my new website, have lists and lists of things to do! I'll be adding in lots of pics of the pop-up shop later, duty calls for now!

Merry Christmas

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