Sunday, 27 January 2013

How to make a Fabric Noticeboard and Mark Twain quote


A stormy morning here in Carlow, Ireland. The wind is very strong and blowing all sorts around the garden, if its not heavy its on the move!! The electricity went out for a couple of minutes last night so I now have candles strategically placed around the house just in case. You only appreciate electricity when it goes out!!!

I finished the two fabric noticeboards I was working on and am delighted with the end result.

I love this Mark Twain quote, I got this free postcard over a decade ago and I've had it hanging ever since. Its the kind of quote that motivates you to get something done! It reminds me to always give things a try and not worry about failing. It was the first thing I added to the noticeboard.
To make the noticeboard, you need a plain noticeboard, some fabric, in this case Michael Miller atomic print, some padding/wadding (only necessary if you want a padded one), pins, stapler, ribbon.
Simply measure out your fabric by placing noticeboard on top of fabric and cut around (leaving extra inches for securing on the back, go with more rather than less). Then take your noticeboard and add padding to top (cut to fit) and add fabric on top. Turn over and roughly pin into place at back. Now turn back around to check fabric is straight. If you are happy turn back around and staple around the edges.
Turn back to the front and decide on your ribbon patterns. Pull nice and tight. You can staple at back or pin at back depending on if you want to adjust in the future. At the front you can pin where the ribbons meet so that pop your pictures/paper in securely. Turn back over and cover the messy staples/pins with wide ribbon or wide tape.
And the finished result, now I need to adjust the ribbon on the top corner.. Easy and cheap and a lot more stylish than my usual stuck on the fridge look!
Hope you have a lovely Sunday,
Take care,

Sunday, 20 January 2013

New Logo for Lollipops and Daydreams

I am so excited to share a picture of my new logo, what do you think? I am delighted with it!
It was designed with Mary O'Gorman, a very talented graphic designer, who is opening a shop shortly on etsy so more can avail of her skills. Next job now is to work on my website, which is in progress too. I am working on packaging also, lots of fun. I didn't have any branding or standard packaging up until now so its all new to me. I feel like a kid in a candy store!!
Have a great evening,

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Lots of little crafty jobs


Was a little worried the ground would be covered in snow this morning but phew we have been spared. Our first Christmas in the house we were snowed in for a week twice in a month so I will not mind if we escape snow this year!
Been working away on lots of mini jobs, finally finding time to frame some pictures and photos.
I love this picture from "Forgotten Pages" on Etsy, a Wicklow based seller who produces the most gorgeous prints on pages from old books. I love this one, I'm debating over hanging it in my craft room or bedroom. The frame is a charity shop find.
Next job was a cushion that for some reason I never got around to finishing, it was waiting patiently on the side of my sewing table, its another keeper!

Some new fabric arrived in the post this week and I am looking forward to using this fab Michael Miller Print to cover a couple of noticeboards for the kitchen. I need to get some ribbon today and then its full steam ahead.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, 11 January 2013

Girl's Room Makeover - How to Do a Tree Mural


Still busy cleaning up after Christmas, and doing all those jobs that have been ignored for the last few months and all those new years ones too! Hopefully I'll get some time to sew tomorrow, I have lots of new things pinned and ready to be sewn, can't wait!
As my daughter's Christmas present I promised her a room makeover. She was three the last time it was done, so three years later there has been a lot of growing! We were watching Kirstie's Vintage Home together and were very inspired by a tree mural made from wallpaper and wood that was done as part of a girl's bedroom. Thus inspired we created our own version:

It goes from floor to ceiling and it looks so bright and cheerful in the room. I drew the tree with pencil on the wall, then next I painted it in a gloss brown colour. I went for gloss to make it a little more sparkly and light reflective. Once that had dried it was time for the gold paint (on sale in Homebase) which again added to the sparkly effect. Once all had dried it was time to add the flowers. We got a large amount of wallpaper samples (totally free!) and cut out many different colours. This was time consuming but worth it. I used a ready mixed wallpaper paste and pasted each flower/bird/leaf on the wall.
Next up was time for butterflies. We used some stickers that I bought a couple of years ago in Monsoon, these are the pink and purple see through ones. And then we popped in "Little Surprises" on Tullow Street in Carlow where you can buy little stick on butterflies in many colours, from 42cents! So overall we bought, butterfly stickers, brown gloss paint, small tin of gold paint, wallpaper paste and a couple of brushes(Euro26 in total!). Needless to say, my daughter was delighted with the result! I did offer to switch rooms with her but she refused.... Not to be outdone, small boy insisted on his own version with yes, tractors and combines and apple trees.
The room makeover is still in progress, next up a pom pom garland! Am off to the sewing machine now while I still have a few minutes to myself, have a great weekend,
all the best,

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!


Wishing you a very happy and healthy New Year!

What a difference a year makes! Here's a pic from January last year when I first began to blog and craft. 2012 was a wonderful year and I hope 2013 will be just as positive.
A giant THANK YOU to anyone who reads my blog, by accident or design , it is deeply appreciated and means so much. xxxx
Am off to finish some wall paintings of trees, anything to avoid the big clean-up that seriously needs doing, haha.
All the best for 2013,