Saturday, 23 February 2013

Dolls Bedding & Patchwork Blanket for Ikea Dolls Bed


Now the website is up I can finally attend to some neglected crafting jobs. I've made lots of Barbie sleeping bags and Barbie size items over the last few months and now the bigger dolls are feeling left out in the cold (sorry, sorry couldn't help it).

Sleeping bag sets for sale on

I decided last year to make a dolls blanket for a large dolls bed, one of the Ikea size ones. I even wrote about it on my blog last May and then shame on me I didn't finish it.

The idea was to make a blanket using this one below as inspiration (a dolls blanket from about the 1960s from the US). It was put together with a lot of love and I wanted to do the same for my daughter.

So what I did was cut up lots of tiny squares of fabric each measuring 3in by 3in. Note at this stage I am clearly not a patchwork expert and this is an experiment! As I make dolly cushions, I do buy smaller prints just for that purpose so I mixed some of these in with "normal" size prints.

Then I arranged them like the picture below to make a nice arrangement of colours, not having the same squares/colours too close together.

So here's the squares I cut out and neatly arranged to make a blanket. Next up I numbered each row and then carefully put them into piles (one for each row).

I then put these on a table and two days later the pile had fallen on the floor and they all got mixed up. Ahh!! These things happen and it wasn't the end of the world so I rearranged the squares.
I took it row by row and sewed each square to the one next to it. So on the first row of eight squares I sewed 1 to 2, 3 to 4, 5 to 6 , 7 to 8, and so on until the row of eight was together.
I didn't worry to much about each square being equi-distant to the next one, it is a doll's blanket after all!
I'll be back with the next steps in my next post, finishing the blanket today!
Have a great weekend,

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Website Finished! Baking Parties and Living in the Country


What a lovely day we had today, lots of sun and I even got to smell freshly cut grass (not mine unfortunetly). I finally got my tv stations back last week after eleven days of station free existence.  Ah dear, everything was getting back to normal and then the electricity went. Hmmm. At the kids bedtime too, it was met with cries of "Its the end of the world, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh". I am now banning little people from watching "educational"  science programmes with himself. Anyway two hours later electricity was restored but I missed the first new episode of Dallas. If you are new to my blog, I should mention that I do love a bit of Dallas (I am sure it influences my cowboy print fabric choices!). And then the next day it went again, right on time for breakfast. All is restored for now, touch wood.

I finally got my new website up and running today, am very happy with it and it feels like a real achievement. I have created a section for Baking Party goodies, which brings together aprons, bunting, party bags and other bits to inspire a baking party for children.

I've spent a good few hours working on the website so I am looking forward to just sewing again, big long list of projects to finish and to start!
All the best,

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Setting Up the Website and Snowdrops!


I've been very busy setting up my website this week. Its nearly nearly there! I was about to consider getting help to design it and then I thought I'd give it a try myself. My reasoning being I would have to take the pictures and write the descriptions in any case and of course designers cost money too. My new aim is to be done by tomorrow night. Its practically a fifth child (after the dog, she counts as number four) at this rate.
We are now 9 days without tv, can you imagine? I am having severe and I mean severe ER/Casualty (a bit hospital drama obsessed) withdrawal, not to mention Ripper Street and the Midwives, and I won't even think about it being on tonight! Matthew McFadden I'll see you soon... (Honestly hubby I watch it for the storylines).

Well never fear apparently we will have a technician with us on Tuesday, 11 days later, now thats what I call service, ha ha. Oh and thats only after I said I wanted to close my account when they demanded €100 for the priviledge of fixing their own machinery. The joys of country living.
The dvds were dusted off and played.
Finally got to Altamount Gardens to see the snowdrops, makes me feel its time to start gardening again!
Have a lovely evening and enjoy your tv!!

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Alice in Wonderland books and illustrations


Spring at last! A glorious sunny day in Co. Carlow, just back from a lovely walk in the park. Have an urge to start gardening now....
We were going through my daughter's bookshelves earlier in the week to clear out the ones she'd outgrown. As you may know I adore vintage children's books and illustrations so it was no surprise when we came accross a few copies of some books. We found four Alice in Wonderlands books! (And two Alice dolls!)

So many different versions, I know I have a couple more somewhere too. I wonder how many versions were done over time? The older the book the darker Alice's hair colour is, I wonder why that is? The illustrations make such a difference to how you imagine the characters.
The version above the Mad Hatter looks a bit like a member of some 1960s group!
I like this one, he looks more genuinely mad (in a good way). But I have to admit Johnny Depp has to be the ultimate Mad Hatter and when I think of the Queen of Hearts now I think of Helen Bonham Carter and the big head.
Ah Johnny Depp......................... Sorry got a bit distracted there!! Now I am going to have to make something Alice in Wonderland inspired, its on to my to do list.
Have a wonderful Spring Weekend,
All the best,