Saturday, 2 February 2013

Alice in Wonderland books and illustrations


Spring at last! A glorious sunny day in Co. Carlow, just back from a lovely walk in the park. Have an urge to start gardening now....
We were going through my daughter's bookshelves earlier in the week to clear out the ones she'd outgrown. As you may know I adore vintage children's books and illustrations so it was no surprise when we came accross a few copies of some books. We found four Alice in Wonderlands books! (And two Alice dolls!)

So many different versions, I know I have a couple more somewhere too. I wonder how many versions were done over time? The older the book the darker Alice's hair colour is, I wonder why that is? The illustrations make such a difference to how you imagine the characters.
The version above the Mad Hatter looks a bit like a member of some 1960s group!
I like this one, he looks more genuinely mad (in a good way). But I have to admit Johnny Depp has to be the ultimate Mad Hatter and when I think of the Queen of Hearts now I think of Helen Bonham Carter and the big head.
Ah Johnny Depp......................... Sorry got a bit distracted there!! Now I am going to have to make something Alice in Wonderland inspired, its on to my to do list.
Have a wonderful Spring Weekend,
All the best,


  1. It's so true that imaginary changes a lot, but Alice is still one of the best novel I've ever read!

  2. This is very interesting-what are you saing about Alice's hair colour...I wonder why the colour is blond now?