Sunday, 10 February 2013

Setting Up the Website and Snowdrops!


I've been very busy setting up my website this week. Its nearly nearly there! I was about to consider getting help to design it and then I thought I'd give it a try myself. My reasoning being I would have to take the pictures and write the descriptions in any case and of course designers cost money too. My new aim is to be done by tomorrow night. Its practically a fifth child (after the dog, she counts as number four) at this rate.
We are now 9 days without tv, can you imagine? I am having severe and I mean severe ER/Casualty (a bit hospital drama obsessed) withdrawal, not to mention Ripper Street and the Midwives, and I won't even think about it being on tonight! Matthew McFadden I'll see you soon... (Honestly hubby I watch it for the storylines).

Well never fear apparently we will have a technician with us on Tuesday, 11 days later, now thats what I call service, ha ha. Oh and thats only after I said I wanted to close my account when they demanded €100 for the priviledge of fixing their own machinery. The joys of country living.
The dvds were dusted off and played.
Finally got to Altamount Gardens to see the snowdrops, makes me feel its time to start gardening again!
Have a lovely evening and enjoy your tv!!


  1. Can't wait to see your new website. I'm all for doing it oneself - even though it can takes aaaaages. Just don't mention gardening yet. I'v got a big garden and the weeds are always winning ;)

  2. Hi Maria, I am looking forward to do some gardening and sowing sometime soon too. And I did enjoyed my TV this evening. The Voice of Ireland is my guilty pleasure! Good luck with final touches for your website.

  3. Hi girls, yes at this stage now I am very impatient to finish! I have a garden full of weeds and too long grass. That's just reminded me I missed Got to Dance!! One more day touch wood.

  4. Hi Maria, I hope they fix your tv!:)
    (I love Eastenders, Coronation Street):)

  5. Hi Maria, looking forward to seeing your new web-site; planning to create one for my hubby soon so may be looking for tips ;0) Hope you got your TV fixed (an essential with mid-term break coming)

  6. Can't wait for the website as well!

  7. Hi there, tv fixed and website sorted. Phew! Now I need to sit down (for at least ten minutes!)xx