Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Snowy days in March and Lots of Baking


I hope the weather where you are is a little nicer, it just won't stop snowing here. Except its not the kind of snow that lands and you can make cool snowmen, its the annoying fluttery type that just well, flutters and makes it cold! Freezing cold. We ventured out to collect the sticks and twigs for our Easter decorations yesterday and the decorating is about to start!

Here's a picture of some new rectangle bunting I've been trying out. Its a mini bunting and making it is a little addictive!
Also done lots of baking over the last few days, (children are on holidays and need entertaining!) which usually involves excessive amounts of different colour icing on top of everything. It really is more about the cooking and decorating than the eating.

I had to make new bandanas for the pair to go with their own aprons, its actually great for keeping icing out of hair, can't say the same for the table and floor though..
Have a great day! Off to help make a mess,
All the best,

Saturday, 16 March 2013

Post Number 99 ! Here comes the sun


I've been blogging away for over a year now and this is post number 99! I can confess I hadn't even know what a blog was until I saw the movie about Julia Childs the cook, whereby the main character sets herself up with a blog and a challenge to try a new recipe from Julia Child's cookbook every day. At the same time I was rediscovering my love of crafting and "make and do". And so I looked up a few craft blogs and was hooked! I love reading blogs and seeing peoples pictures, to me its like reading a magazine (without the celebrity gossip) of all your favourite things. I love sitting down with a cup of coffee to read all my favourites! I also find it very inspiring seeing all the amazing things people make and it keeps me wanting to create more and keep coming up with new ideas. That's my little ode to blogging done!!
And also a massive thank you to those who read my blog and who I hope enjoy it! Roll on the next 99 posts!

This picture was from one of my first few blog posts, you take pages from an old children's book, one of the hardpages ones, pop a ribbon on the side and tada art for a child's room!

Here's a picture I took in Altamount Gardens, Carlow. I'd love if my own garden to be so impressive! Have a great St. Patrick's Day wherever you are!
All the best,

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Vintage Bunting Complete and roll on Easter


I was looking under the stairs yesterday, into the land of hidden mess. Under the stairs is concealed with a little door to open and throw/hide items in and then you can forget about them. Until you need them and then you pull a few things out and try to clamber in with a torch without hitting your head too many times! Usually I forget what I went in for and come out without something else! I went in for a crochet kit as I think I am going to give it a try. The granny squares crochet blanket on "The Midwives" tv programme is my new inspiration! Anyway, I came accross a bag of Easter decorations when I was in there.

Last year we painted mini eggs and tried a bit of decoupage! I shall have to up the game this year and come up with something new. I'll be off shopping tomorrow to try to find some bits and pieces to help with this.

I finished lots of bunting this week, really pleased with the vintage bunting. You'll be seeing a lot more vintage fabrics from me.
I've mixed in all sorts from different eras but its all upcyled bedlinen. Of course I found myself eyeing up my own pillowcases but stopped myself just in time, ha ha!
No fabric is safe from me these days...

I got lots of new fabric in the post yesterday, well technically in the post office as I had to pay customs before I got my parcel. Its the complete opposite to the above, lots a boys fabrics, Toy story, Spiderman, the Avengers which is all hanging on the washing line right now. Small boy is delighted as he just knows he can con something new for his room out of it!

Have a great day,
All the best,

Friday, 8 March 2013

Patchwork Blanket for Ikea Dolls Bed - Part Two


Hope all is well where you are! I began a "how to " make a dolls blanket for an Ikea dolls bed a couple of posts ago. I am glad to say the blanket has been finished and keeping its dolls very warm these nights..

The last post finished at the sewing of each row. So you had cut all the squares and then basically sewn 8 together into a row.
Back to the table and neaten up the back by cutting threads and trimming the excess fabric. A little iron is now in order at the back to flatten down each hem.
So you are left with 8 rows of 8 squares.

If you had kept them in order (not like me) then then next stage is to sew row one to row two, 3 to 4, 5 to 6, 7 to 8.
I should point out I did this as a brick effect so I wasnt concerned about rows and lines in perfect order. Now you have four large blocks. If like me, you dropped/messed up the order of the squares at any squares, now is the time to make sure they look good visually.
Next sow block one to two, three to four and once this is done sew all together to make one large block.
Yeah, nearly there!

Next up you need to pick a backing fabric. I used this pink minky fabric, my daughters choice. I am not mad on using minky as it moves and stretches which is ever so annoying. But its been sitting lonely on the shelf waiting for some purpose in life so I place the patchwork squares on top of the minky fabric and cut around. Apologies for not taking pics of this.

Then I faced both parts together, making sure the front of each was facing together. Now pin all the way around and sew all the way around leaving a few inches at one corner to turn the right way around. Once it is sewn, trim and cut threads. Turn the right way around.
You can hand sew up the few inches or pop in a label!

Pillow is still half-made so the original one is in the pic.
Except now the bed needs a makeover, I am thinking pink and flowers. Roll on the next sunny day as I have a couple of furniture projects waiting in the wings.
Small girl is delighted, small boy wants something made with tractors on it (again, seriously?)

Anyway, I hope that help to someone/some dolls out there!
Check back for the bed makeover,
Happy International's Women Day and have a great weekend,


The last post I was up to the stage of

Friday, 1 March 2013

Happy March! Vintage Fabric Bunting, Mummy Pages


Happy March! Another sunny day here, the clothes line is having a great week!
The dolls blanket is finished, just making the pillow and sheet for it at the moment and then I'll post up some pics. "Rosie" the doll is getting a little impatient I've been informed, by my daughter. Honestly, I'll finish today! I tend to have a few creations on the go at any one time.

I've been cutting up lots of flags for some vintage fabric bunting. I've often make vintage "style" bunting and it occured to me that I should be making the real deal! Its really popular for weddings now so I might make a couple of extra long ones with that in mind.
Here's a sneak peak of the work in progress. I'm waiting on some fab 1960s print to arrive in the post so I can put it all together.

Next up was some boys mini bunting, I borrowed small boys room for a few pictures.

I was so delighted this week to have Lollipops and Daydreams listed on ,
it really made my week! Its a fab fab website/resource so its an honour to find myself on it! I am still waiting to celebrate properly with a glass of wine, hopefully soon!

Have a great weekend,