Friday, 8 March 2013

Patchwork Blanket for Ikea Dolls Bed - Part Two


Hope all is well where you are! I began a "how to " make a dolls blanket for an Ikea dolls bed a couple of posts ago. I am glad to say the blanket has been finished and keeping its dolls very warm these nights..

The last post finished at the sewing of each row. So you had cut all the squares and then basically sewn 8 together into a row.
Back to the table and neaten up the back by cutting threads and trimming the excess fabric. A little iron is now in order at the back to flatten down each hem.
So you are left with 8 rows of 8 squares.

If you had kept them in order (not like me) then then next stage is to sew row one to row two, 3 to 4, 5 to 6, 7 to 8.
I should point out I did this as a brick effect so I wasnt concerned about rows and lines in perfect order. Now you have four large blocks. If like me, you dropped/messed up the order of the squares at any squares, now is the time to make sure they look good visually.
Next sow block one to two, three to four and once this is done sew all together to make one large block.
Yeah, nearly there!

Next up you need to pick a backing fabric. I used this pink minky fabric, my daughters choice. I am not mad on using minky as it moves and stretches which is ever so annoying. But its been sitting lonely on the shelf waiting for some purpose in life so I place the patchwork squares on top of the minky fabric and cut around. Apologies for not taking pics of this.

Then I faced both parts together, making sure the front of each was facing together. Now pin all the way around and sew all the way around leaving a few inches at one corner to turn the right way around. Once it is sewn, trim and cut threads. Turn the right way around.
You can hand sew up the few inches or pop in a label!

Pillow is still half-made so the original one is in the pic.
Except now the bed needs a makeover, I am thinking pink and flowers. Roll on the next sunny day as I have a couple of furniture projects waiting in the wings.
Small girl is delighted, small boy wants something made with tractors on it (again, seriously?)

Anyway, I hope that help to someone/some dolls out there!
Check back for the bed makeover,
Happy International's Women Day and have a great weekend,


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  1. I love this blanket! very girly and cute:)
    Happy Women's Day for you too!:)

  2. Great idea to join the strips in a brick effect so you don't have to worry about perfectly matched corners (mine never do!)

  3. Thank you for your lovely comments. Rosie the doll is very happy!
    Yes I used a brick effect, I dont think I would have had the patience to match it all perfectly and I have such respect for those who can do it, its a serious skill!