Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Snowy days in March and Lots of Baking


I hope the weather where you are is a little nicer, it just won't stop snowing here. Except its not the kind of snow that lands and you can make cool snowmen, its the annoying fluttery type that just well, flutters and makes it cold! Freezing cold. We ventured out to collect the sticks and twigs for our Easter decorations yesterday and the decorating is about to start!

Here's a picture of some new rectangle bunting I've been trying out. Its a mini bunting and making it is a little addictive!
Also done lots of baking over the last few days, (children are on holidays and need entertaining!) which usually involves excessive amounts of different colour icing on top of everything. It really is more about the cooking and decorating than the eating.

I had to make new bandanas for the pair to go with their own aprons, its actually great for keeping icing out of hair, can't say the same for the table and floor though..
Have a great day! Off to help make a mess,
All the best,


  1. both the apron and bandanas! have a nice week end, holy friday, and easter :D