Friday, 26 April 2013

1930s and 1940s Fabrics , vintage quilt top

Another sunny/rainy/hailstones near summer day in Ireland! Working on lots of little projects at the moment, cushions for a shop in Dublin (very very exciting!), some wedding bunting (a sample) and lots of other works in progress. Its been awhile since I made anything for the house so I wanted to make something special.
I adore the 1920s and anything Art Deco, and always totally ignored the 1930s and anything sort of Arts and Crafts movements. It is hard to compete with the glamour of Art Deco. Then last year I bought some fab fabric from the US, not realising it was a reproduction of a 1930s fabric.
Then I spotted this unfinished quilt top online and had to have it!

Its estimated to be from the 1930s/40s. Either way its at least 60 years old. Its made from a mix of florals and gingham fabrics. Theres patches where fabric must have been running out so little bits (not straight, clearly scraps) have been sewn together to create a patch. Its about the size of a single bed. I am not sure it can have been used much if at all as it is in such good condition. Its been washed and needs an iron!
I am now trying to decide what to do next with it. Should I finish it as is? Or should I take it apart and put it back together adding in extra bits of fabric? I'll have to think about it a bit more as I want to do it justice. Any suggestions or advice most appreciated!
Have a fab weekend,
PS Am going to treat myself to a book on the history of fabric!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Dublin Zoo and the British Sewing Bee

It is actually warm in here today, I'm a little in shock about it! Especially considering the walk we went on on Sunday and it took about three hours to warm up after. If this is finally Spring I'll be very happy. Did a garden inspection and found lots of new growth, at last! Small boy helped water all the pots. I planted bluebell seeds two years ago and they look like they are going to flower this year. Its a long waiting game for seeds to turn to bulbs to turn to flowers. I think I read before Daffodils take seven years? I'll have to get my propogating book out this weekend.

We visited Dublin Zoo last week, always a great trip. We got up very close to the Giraffes which was was amazing.
How cute is this little guy?
Not a fan of the reptile house, this pair weren't too friendly looking!
The British Sewing Bee is on tonight, looking forward to it. I have to say its really encouraging me to try to make some clothing! I've ordered some new fabric to make a skirt for small girl, I'm determined to make some of her clothes this year. The contestants are amazing and its great to see a sewing show on tv!
Have a great evening,

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Hearts Cushion, Mo Mhile Stor


The sun is out, I don't believe it! A busy afternoon flying kites and hanging out washing (can't help that part I am an Irish mammy!!). Easter eggs are still being eaten, the Easter Bunny got a little carried away and the pair managed to procure another four each from grannies and aunties. Too much chocolate, I am doing a salad with dinner which I hope will counteract some of the sugar. At least a bit of it!!

I finished  a new cushion last night, its one I've been working on for awhile, sort of doing a little bit every day. Its made from vintage and new fabrics from which I cut little heart shapes and then sewed them on individually to make the front of a cushion.

Its called "Mo mhile stor" which is Irish for "my thousand treasures" meaning my darling. Each heart represents a treasure or love.

Enjoy the sun