Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Hearts Cushion, Mo Mhile Stor


The sun is out, I don't believe it! A busy afternoon flying kites and hanging out washing (can't help that part I am an Irish mammy!!). Easter eggs are still being eaten, the Easter Bunny got a little carried away and the pair managed to procure another four each from grannies and aunties. Too much chocolate, I am doing a salad with dinner which I hope will counteract some of the sugar. At least a bit of it!!

I finished  a new cushion last night, its one I've been working on for awhile, sort of doing a little bit every day. Its made from vintage and new fabrics from which I cut little heart shapes and then sewed them on individually to make the front of a cushion.

Its called "Mo mhile stor" which is Irish for "my thousand treasures" meaning my darling. Each heart represents a treasure or love.

Enjoy the sun


  1. That's really pretty! I like the idea behind it too :)

  2. Thank you! I'm in the middle of cutting hearts for my next one already!